Privacy Policy

While sharing information with Playa Law Firm through its Online Submission Forms does not automatically create an attorney client relationship, Playa Law Firm does keep this information private and does not share any information with a third party, until and unless the law so requires or is necessary for legal representation of the sharer of the information if Playa Law Firm is later retained as counsel.

This website, as many others, may collect information regarding your visit to the website, including, but not limited to, the date and time of each visit, the length of a visit, I.P. address, cookies, etc. Playa Law Firm keeps this information private and does not reveal it to a third party, until and unless required by law or to the extent that a third party manages this website. Other than an I.P. address, which may reveal a general location of a visitor, this website does not collect any other identifiable information about you, unless you submit such information through the website.

This website also contains links to other websites that are not owned by Playa Law Firm. By clicking on these links, you may be sharing the aforementioned and other information with the owners of those websites. Playa Law Firm does not have knowledge of what information these websites collect or the privacy policy of those websites regarding collected information.

If you have further questions regarding the privacy policy, please email us at Since we do not collect information about a visitor that will allow us to contact that visitor, unless the visitor submit an Online Submission Form, we are unable to contact a visitor to provide updates to a change in policy. We will update visitors whose contact information that we do have with any changes to the policy.