WAGE-AND-HOURWage and hour issues are all too common in California, and employees are often left feeling wronged or deprived of what is rightfully earned by them. If you are in a similar situation and feel that your employer owes you unpaid wages or the employer has come in the way of you receiving overtime or minimum wages, then you have to contact our labor law attorney.

Many companies violate the rules and guidelines prescribed by the labor law for exempt and non-exempt employees. Employers make non-exempt employees work through meal periods and breaks, do not pay them overtime wages or refuse to pay at least minimum wage. In case of exempt employees, an employer may refuse to reimburse the employee for business expense allowed under California labor law for mileage.

Both California and Federal Law have several provisions for the protection to the employees from wage and overtime pay conditions in California. You do not have to bear the brunt of exploitation at your work! Get in touch with a qualified California employment lawyer at Playa Law Firm and find out how she may be able to advocate your rights and get you your dues.

Wage and Hour Lawyers in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and Ventura County

Playa Law Firm is proactive and maintains an aggressive approach to unpaid wage and hour cases in California in order to ensure that they get the apt resolution. You can seek the assistance of the employment lawyer at Playa Law Firm for advice or legal representation on one or more of the following wage and hour issues.

  1. Overtime, minimum wage and meal/rest hours – Employees should not have to face misleading timekeeping practices of employers that deprive employees of a part of their daily wages or overtime pay. We represent individuals who have been wronged by their employers and are due unpaid wages. We also manage claims related to employers forcing workers to work during meal/rest times in addition to fighting against employers’ deceptive measures of avoiding to pay minimum/overtime wages.
  2. Faulty deductions and piece rate calculations – Our Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and Ventura county employment lawyer can become the staunch advocate of your right to be protected from the deception of your employer. If the employer fails to pay your wages on time, earned vacation, wages due upon termination, then you need the services of our labor law attorney to protect your interest and advocate your rights.
  3. Employee misclassifications – As a measure of avoiding overtime pay, employers often misclassify employees as salaried or managerial level or in other words exempt employees. Our California employment lawyer is adept at recovering damages and getting you your dues with rightful exercise of the law.

Contact a Wage and Hour Labor Lawyer in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and Ventura County!

If you have any questions or are looking for representation regarding your wage and hour claims, contact our experienced wage and hour attorney at Playa Law Firm for a free consultation. Do not let go of unpaid wages and other rights that you rightfully deserve!