HARASSMENTHarassment prohibited by Federal and California law at the workplace is illegal. Unfortunately, harassment occurs too often and makes working a much too difficult task when it does not need to be. Usually harassment is a result of the abuse of power whereby a supervisor harasses and intimidates one or more employees with threats, humiliation and may sometimes even resort to acts of violation. When this harassment is severe and pervasive, it may create a hostile work environment. When the work environment turns hostile and the victim’s ability to work is impacted, an employee may have a claim for harassment against the employer.

Harassment can be due to an employee’s religious beliefs, race, sexual orientation, disability among other reasons. Sexual harassment can be in the form of quid pro quo. If you have been made a victim of unacceptable gestures, lewd jokes/comments, off-color remarks or actions you have options. In most circumstances, you have to follow your employer’s grievance policies and report the harassment to your employer; however, if such efforts fail then you don’t have to wait too long before resorting to legal action. You have every right to obtain justice against workplace harassment and the emotional anguish an employer may be been putting you through.

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