GENDER DISCRIMINATIONFederal Law and California Employment Law clearly delineates that gender discrimination is against the law. Gender bias exists in several forms in companies. If you are being deprived of earning opportunities because your superior thinks the opposite gender can perform the jobs better, then that may amount to gender discrimination. Employees, both men and women, may also find themselves being discriminated against when they are denied leave to attend to a sick family member because the employer may deem that it is the opposite gender’s “role” to take care of family members.

Women are often circumvented when it comes to promotion to a bigger managerial role or even on a horizontal level. Gender discrimination also exhibits itself in the form of sexual harassment which is considered an unlawful act.

Gender Discrimination Lawyers in Los Angeles and Orange County

The law elucidates that gender cannot play a role in making decisions related to employment. Gender discrimination is prohibited both by Federal law and California law and a victim may be able to claim compensation for it if she/he is subject to it. Our California gender discrimination lawyer has the experience and knowledge to deal with cases pertaining to gender discrimination and protecting the interest of the victims of such bias.

The labor law attorney at Playa Law Firm represent clients in a host of gender discrimination cases that include, but are not limited to:

  • Demotion or discharge from employment when the employee resumes work after maternity or pregnancy leave
  • Discrimination between male and female employees in terms of salary, incentives and promotions
  • Sexual harassment at workplace
  • Retaliation by employer in the form of demotion or lay off after a complaint is made against the employer for gender bias or sexual harassment

Our Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and Ventura County employment lawyer carefully scrutinize the gender discrimination cases where Playa Law Firm is retained to adopt a proactive approach in fighting for your rights.

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