DISABILITY DISCRIMINATIONThe employment law of the state of California requires that employees with a disability be afforded reasonable accommodations if they so require. Moreover, an employer cannot refuse to hire someone or fire someone who can perform the essential functions of a job without or without a reasonable accommodation, simply based on a disability. Unfortunately, the scenario that an employee with a disability may face will be a far cry from what the California employment law and Federal law require. Employers often just terminate and employee who asks for reasonable accommodations instead of entering an interactive process regarding the situation. If this happened to you, do not sit idly.

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The employment laws of California provide protection for individuals with disabilities so that they are not unlawfully discriminated against. If an employer fails to provide reasonable accommodation to a disabled employee, then the law recognizes this failure as disability discrimination. If you have been discharged from employment or refused promotion despite simply due to your disability, then you may be entitled to compensation for any lost salary, incentives and emotional distress.

Our Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and Ventura County disability discrimination lawyer at Playa Law Firm vouches can fight for the rights of employees with a disability. If retained, the labor law attorney will assess the circumstances and hold a discussion with you to ascertain the gravity of the situation and consider legal action if negotiations fail to yield result.

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If you have been a victim of discrimination based on disability and encountered unfair treatment at your workplace, then it is time to act by seeking legal action. Our Los Angeles and Orange County disability discrimination lawyer is experienced enough to conduct an effective evaluation of a situation and implement necessary legal action aimed at obtaining justice. Get in touch with our disability discrimination attorney for claiming compensation due to the discriminatory treatment faced at an employment.

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